The LOW DOWN September 24, 2014

A front page article introduced the Minnes Farm project and its overall benefit to the community. Click here to read the full article. To read a current issue, click here.


This report from the Liberty Prairie Foundation reviews practices that landowners, developers, design consultants and public officials have found useful as they consider the benefits of encouraging communities with farms. To read the full report, click here.


Inspired by the principles of One Planet Communities, our commitment includes: Making buildings more energy efficient and delivering all energy with renewable technologies. Reducing waste, reusing where possible, and ultimately sending zero waste to landfill. Encouraging low carbon modes of transport to reduce emissions, reducing the need to travel. Using sustainable healthy products, with low […]


Nous proposons un aménagement résidentiel « à la ferme » dans les environs d’Eco Echo, à proximité notamment des services, de parcs récréatifs, d’un réseau de sentiers et de pistes cyclables, ainsi que d’espaces verts protégés. Le projet d’aménagement de la Ferme Minnes favorise l’utilisation perpétuelle et productive des terres, et ce, où le développement […]


Les stratégies à faible incidences environnementales préconisées par la Ferme Minnes s’inspirent des principes du développement durable. Les solutions de « construction écologique » consistent à privilégier des aménagements, des produits et des procédés permettant de réduire les incidences environnementales tout en préservant la qualité de vie, et ce, pour respecter le caractère, la beauté […]


Principles of sustainability have inspired the Minnes Farm’s low impact development strategies. Sustainable design increases the efficiency with which houses and homesites use and harvest energy, water, and materials. Through consideration of design, construction, operation, maintenance, and waste management, our development team looks forward to working with clients to make their home a model of […]


We’re offering a “farm-centered” residential community surrounding the Eco Echo campus, with proximity services, recreation parks, a network of trails and bike paths, and protected green space. With a preservation development model, we can offer residents the combined benefits of nature, agriculture and neighborliness. People attracted to living in harmony with the land will ensure […]